We Will Install Our New Retention Marketing Funnel

And Add an Extra $25k-$75k/mo in 12 Weeks

We get your email marketing game on point via flows and campaigns and implement a suite of retention activities from loyalty programs to SMS Marketing to maximize your LTV and Customer Returning Rate

So you can keep your hard-earned clients for a looooong time.

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There Is One Formula You Must Know...

Even though it is always harder to track these metrics,

Retention Marketing is the lifeblood of any eCommerce willing to scale

Brands We Helped Scale

And +81 more across all niches...

What Our Partners Have To Say

Kevin Tholenaars - Plantsome.com

Kyle Feigenbaum - Healthybud.co

Jeffrey Matsumoto - Beautythinkers.com

(As Seen On Forbes, Goop, Etc.)

Milly De Mori - No Gods No Masters

Zèna - CBD eCommere

Our System in a Nutshell

Stage 1

Laying The Foundation

🔎 We deeply study your store's metrics and buyer personas and create a tailored strategy around your needs and business' goals

  • Audit Your Accounts - Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Shopify/WooCommerce, and any other platform we may need access to;

  • Optimize your existing flows (when necessary);

  • Set up email domains for maximum deliverability;

  • Identify your tone of voice, specific language, brand guidelines and ensure all the emails sound like... You!

  • Develop a custom retention strategy that works for your specific target;

Stage 2

Campaigns Implementation

📈 We start A/B testing and optimizing the emails to crack the code of your retention.

We better segment your list, ensure higher conversion rate on sign-up form, send more traffic to the flows via campaigns that mix products and value.

More people open your campaigns ➡ More traffic on the website ➡ More automation triggered ➡ More sales

  • 100% Done-For-You Email Creation - we strategize, create the editorial calendar, write, design, distribute, and optimize emails for you;

  • 100% Done-For-You SMS Creation

    - we strategize, create the editorial calendar, write, distribute, and optimize text messages for you;

  • Weekly A/B Testing on hooks, structure, designs, copy, and sign-up forms;

  • New campaigns launched weekly based on daily optimization and iteration and best practices in terms of deliverability; 🔃

Stage 3

Nurturing & Expansion

We keep optimizing the email and SMS marketing strategies, and add several pieces to your retention game such as loyalty programs,

  • Proven value-based email frameworks to increase CTR on your links and send more people to your website;

  • Implementation of referral programs, loyalty programs, boost of reviews on your product page;

  • Extremely segmented lists to send relevant emails that keep your brand top-of-mind 🧠


Are You An Official Klaviyo Partner?

Yes, we are. Check our page on their website here: https://connect.klaviyo.com/onik-lab.

Do I Get a Personalized Strategy?

Of course, otherwise the whole system won't work.

We'll deeply study your brand's ToV (we have more than 3 years experience across all the main niches), your buyer personas and their pain points, goals, and desires, and come up with a unique, tailored strategy for your eCommerce.

Is There a Minimum Time Commitment?

Not at all! We don’t like tying up people who don’t want to work with us. However, we do ask for a 15-day notice to stop the collaboration.

How Much Time Should I Wait To See The Results?

If you're a good fit (existing email list, for example), you're likely to get results from day one. Usually, our partners get an ROI between the month 1 and 3 with us. And then, consistently. That's why they stick around for so long.

How Much Time Will I Need to Invest on This?

We promise you will not invest more than four hours per month to work with us (and it can be your marketing manager - doesn't have to be you at all).

Exactly. We'll handle the grunt work for you and do all the legwork.

We'll only need you to approve the content in advance and give us feedback during our weekly/monthly report calls.

What Do I Look For When I Pick A Growth Partner?

You want to ensure:

  • They talk about ROI and real KPIs. Not fancy buzzwords or "number of campaigns per month".

  • They don't do too many things; if they take care of ads, funnel, copy, website, landing pages... Chances are that they're probably OK-ish with one of these, but it's not their specialty and they're not up to date with all the email changes and trends (which we do, and this guarantees you a ton of leverage).

  • They can't give you KPIs/don't have previous case studies you can get an idea about what success looks like. Chances are you're working with a group of teenagers who don't know what they're doing.

Can't I Just Pick A Freelancer?

Absolutely, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. The choice between hiring freelancers and an agency is largely dictated by your brand's specific needs and growth stage. Freelancers can certainly be a fitting choice for some eCommerce ventures.

However, before you ink the deal, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Does the freelancer possess the required expertise to meet your needs? How seasoned are they in their field? How extensive is their client portfolio?

  • Will they be dependable and provide daily support via Slack or another messaging platform? Often, freelancers juggle multiple projects—sometimes more than they can effectively manage. Will you be top of their list or just another client they respond to after 24 hours?

  • Do they have a track record of long-term commitments? Or are they likely to pack up and leave after a few months, leaving you with an unwelcome headache?

    Freelancers, by nature, are likely to gravitate towards higher-paying clients when given the opportunity.Remember, every choice carries its weight in gold. Make sure to make an informed decision that best serves your brand's long-term interests.

Can I Really Cancel Anytime?

Sure. You can cancel anytime. We do ask for a 15-day notice to cancel as we work ahead of time to make sure all the emails/SMS are delivered on time, it takes some work and costs for us to cancel a contract.

Can I Reach Out To You At Any Time?

Of course. We will assign you an Account Manager who will make sure your expectations are exceeded all the time. He/She will be in charge of the communication and will be your main point of contact.

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